Official Program

Prof. Dr Jeroen Raes
Quantitative microbiome profiling in health and disease.
Prof. Dr Olivier Thas
Statistical detection of synergy: New methods and a comparative study
Prof. Dr Stijn Vansteelandt
Inferring causal pathways from data
Dr Stan Altan
Janssen US
P-value applications in Nonclinical Pharmaceutical Applications – Time to reconsider
Dr Lin Li
Current trends and opportunities in Computational Biology
Dr José Nunez Ares
Orthogonal minimally aliased response surface designs with and without two-level categorical factors
Dr Steven Walfish
Statistical Approaches to Analytical Lifecycle Management

The Adolphe Quetelet Society is delighted to invite you to an exclusive Social Dinner on Wednesday 19th October – 08:00pm

The Hergé Museum
Rue du Labrador, 26 – B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

The dinner will be an opportunity to network informally with your colleagues.